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 World diets

Еврейская кухня

                     JEWISH DIET

   The basis of the Jewish diet is kashrut - a religious and philosophical idea of proper nutrition, which is rooted in the distant past of the Jewish people. Today, nutritionists have made some changes to this diet, and it may well be used as a basis for a healthy diet.

  Kashrut is a set of rules about how a Jew should eat. They are based on two basic rules: about kosher food and about the compatibility of products. Jews have been following these rules for thousands of years.


Средиземноморская диета.jpg


  The Mediterranean diet is a type of food typical of the Mediterranean region. It is widely known as one of the options for a healthy diet. The Mediterranean diet is not a specific system or instruction, but a collection of eating habits and principles traditionally followed by the people of the Mediterranean.

  The first popularizer of the Mediterranean diet was the American scientist Ansel Keys.


скандинавская диета.jpg


  This diet is adapted to the northern latitudes and corresponds to a moderate budget. It is called "Nordic", "Norwegian" and even the Viking diet. But its most common name is the Scandinavian diet.

   Klaus Meyer is considered to be the creator of the Scandinavian diet. He is not a doctor or a nutritionist, but a restaurateur from Copenhagen.

   The Scandinavian food system has a good effect on metabolism, it strengthens the immune system, heals the internal organs.




   Vegetarianism is no longer a rare phenomenon and is increasingly finding its admirers. Some people consciously come to vegetarianism for various reasons. Some of the ethical views of involvement in killing animals for human needs. Others believe that eliminating animal protein from the daily diet will help cleanse the body of toxins and achieve a feeling of lightness. And some because of fears of developing gastrointestinal cancer or cardiovascular disease


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  Dr. Caldwell Esselstine's recovery program is a progressive step in cardiology. His years of experience in the treatment of cardiovascular disease have allowed him to prove in practice that the health of these organs depends on proper nutrition. 12 years of constant research and another 12 years of practical application of the studied method proved the correctness of his theory.  


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