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Nutrition programs for men

Classifier of the type of figure in men

 A brief description of the five types of male figure:

  • "Rectangle" : shoulders about the same width as the waist and hips, and may be slightly wider than the hips, but do not give the impression of massive. Often such men look thin and find it difficult to gain weight.

  • "Triangle" : a common type of figure in men, especially after 40 years, is characterized by a large abdomen, sloping shoulders and stooped posture, chest circumference is significantly less than the girth of the thighs. 

  • "Trapeze" :  developed chest and shoulders slightly wider than the hips and waist, well-developed muscular system with a small amount of fat, athletic physique. This type of figure in men is very similar to the "Inverted Triangle", but the "trapezoids" have a broad torso, large arms and legs.

  • "Inverted triangle" : this type of physique is characterized by broad shoulders and a narrow pelvis, and the waist is in line with the hips or slightly wider. The widest and round muscles of the back are noticeably developed, but the figure may not give the impression of being massive.

  • "Apple" : for representatives of this type of figure is characterized by the fact that the center of the torso is wider than the shoulders and hips. Fat deposits are excessive. Legs and arms short relative to the body, squat figure. The limbs are massive, the bones are large.

 Every woman and every man has their own hormonal background, and, accordingly, their own body constitution or body type. Each type of man shows his individual taste qualities, forms his own way of life and behavior in the environment.

   Today, there are several classifiers that divide men by  physique from three to seven types. A more common international five-type determinant  male figure: H, A, W, O, T.  

   Based on many years of research by scientists from different countries, using the experience of many well-known nutritionists, it is possible to form  balanced  healthy  food   for   everyone   type of man, taking into account his features.

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    Choose the main program according to your body type:

  • Programs for men with a basic set  nutrition materials and             with 5 online lessons and consultations within 3 months - 1200 UAH. ($ 43)

  • Programs for men with an expanded set of nutrition materials         with 8 online lessons and consultations within 3 months - 1800 UAH. ($ 65)

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