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User Agreement


1. Terms of the agreement:

1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") governs the relationship between the Manager of this service, hereinafter referred to as "Manager" and an individual, hereinafter referred to as "User", according to which the Manager provides services and programs on nutrition and the User uses data services and programs.

1.2. By using the services on the website at: The User agrees to comply with the conditions described in this Agreement.

1.3. The User of the Agreement is valid  how  independent  subject  independently, proactively, responsibly in accordance with the procedure established by this Agreement and the legislation of the country in which he resides.

1.4. The text of this Agreement is an open offer and applies to all Users,  as well as new visitors to the site at:  who wish to use the services and programs of the Service and who are 18 years old.

1.5. This Agreement may be amended and / or supplemented by the Manager unilaterally in connection with possible changes in the activities of the Service or changes in the legal framework, but must notify all its Users in advance. Continuation of the use of the service by the User after making changes and / or additions to this Agreement means acceptance and agreement with such changes and / or additions.

2. Subject of the agreement: 

2.1. Through the service, the Manager provides users with consulting services and programs in the field of nutrition and food, and the User uses these services for personal purposes and may recommend them to third parties.

2.2. The purpose of the Consumer under the terms of this Agreement is to use the services of the service to address their nutrition issues and the opportunity to purchase natural products.

2.3. The main principles of the Service are: 

  • constantly updated and interesting information about a healthy and balanced diet,

  • Voluntary Consumer Registration  on the site and their acquisition of programs;

  • personal interest of each Consumer in the maximum use of services and their application in practice.

3. Rights and obligations of Users: 

3.1. By registering on the website:  or using services and service programs without registration, undertakes:

3.1.1. Make timely payment for services and programs in fixed amounts through the accepted payment systems in accordance with the terms of the Service. 

3.1.2. Update registration data and other personal information provided during registration, if any  changes. 

3.1.3. Take full responsibility for your actions on the site, for the use of your on-line office (if used), as well as for the consequences of violations that  contradict the rules and regulations of this agreement and the work of the Service.

3.2 .. The user recognizes his activities  completely  independent. The User may actively advertise the capabilities of this Service, attracting new Users, without violating the laws of his country and the terms of this Agreement. 

3.3. Do not provide access to information in the personal on-line office to other Users or strangers, in order to avoid violations of applicable law and / or the terms of this  Agreements. 

3.4.  The User has no right to assume obligations and / or negotiate on behalf of the Manager, on behalf of the Service, or impose on the Manager responsibilities or obligations in any form. 

4. Rights and responsibilities  The head:

4.1. The Head of the Service undertakes: 

4.1.1. Comply with the terms of this Agreement, and assume the rights and obligations associated with the use and operation  site: .

4.1.2. Create all the necessary conditions for better customer service and timely informing consumers about new products and changes on the Service.

4.1.3. Ensure the confidentiality of data, as well as information about the User's operations in the on-line office, except in cases that oblige the Manager to provide information about the User to public authorities under the laws of the country in which he resides. 

4.1.4. The manager is not responsible for technical failures of telecommunication networks or services, computer systems, computer or telephone equipment, software, service failures  email or  scripts for technical reasons.

5. The order of financial  operations: 

5.1. All financial transactions between the Manager and the User are performed, in accordance with accepted accounting standards, using banking and international systems of transfer and withdrawal of money to a bank account or bank card. 

6. Responsibility  Parties: 

6.1. In case of non-compliance or improper  performance of one of the Parties  obligations under the Agreement, the other Party has the right to apply to the guilty Party the measures provided by law. 

6.2. The Party that has caused damage to the other Party to the Agreement shall be obliged to compensate the other Party for material and / or moral damage. In addition, this may be grounds for early termination of the Agreement at the initiative of the Party which has suffered damage. 

6.3. The Manager is not responsible for the obligations of the User to third parties, even if these obligations are related to the implementation of this Agreement. 

7. Confidentiality: 

7.1. The Parties undertake not to disclose any information concerning the observance and implementation of this Agreement, including to keep information inaccessible to third parties about personal data concerning  both  Parties. 

7.2. All information that the parties exchange with each other, containing personal, financial, technical and other data, provides strictly limited access and is  confidential. 

7.3. The parties guarantee the secrecy of all  confidential information. This information will not be made available or passed on to anyone else, including individuals and organizations, except by decision  court.

8. Dispute resolution: 

8.1. All disputes related to this Agreement, its conclusion or those that arise in the course of fulfilling the terms of this Agreement shall be resolved by  negotiations between the representatives of the Parties.  If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, it is resolved in court, according to the current  legislation.

8.2. Parties  agree  that, in the event of the need to settle a dispute in court arising out of or in connection with the Agreement, including the conclusion and termination of the Agreement,  to be considered by the court on the spot  finding  defendant. 

9. Force majeure: 

9.1. The Parties shall be released from liability for partial or complete non-performance of obligations under this Agreement, if this non-performance was the result of force majeure circumstances arising after the conclusion  Agreements resulting from extraordinary events that the Manager or the User could not  anticipate, prevent by reasonable measures (force majeure). Such extraordinary events include: flood, fire, earthquake, explosion, storm, epidemic and other natural phenomena, as well as war or hostilities, unstable political situation, etc.

   The agreement consists of  of this text and materials of the site, which are an equivalent continuation of this Agreement and have the same force as its integral part.

   This Agreement is valid and binding  execution by both parties.

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