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About the nutrition program

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     Conferences, lessons and our consultations will help you:

  • choose the right products that are good for your body,

  • confidently make a diet taking into account the rhythm of your life,

  • feel free to use safe cooking technologies.


     And , most importantly, develop good habits of healthy eating, 

always feel comfortable and in a good mood.

It is very important to know when choosing a nutrition program,
What is "body type" and what is "body type"?

   Before talking about a healthy and competent diet, the selection of products, the composition of the menu, you need to know your body type.

  The close connection between body type and character, temperament, social behavior and metabolism in the human body has been proven.

  It is necessary to distinguish between the medical term - "physique" and colloquial (everyday) - "figure". The term "physique" (habitus) includes the size, shape, proportions and features of body parts, as well as the specifics of the development of bone, fat and muscle tissue. The term "figure" (figure) is used in the modeling business, in the manufacture of clothing, sports, fitness and characterizes only the appearance, shape of the body.

типы фигур у женщин.png

   The type of physique is that which remains in a person throughout his life.

According to the type of physique, we can talk about the tendency to fullness, or vice versa, the lack of such a predisposition, the tendency to certain diseases.  

  In women, the type of physique determines the course of pregnancy and the estimated course of labor. Sports coaches also look at your body type. For asthenics, thinner and taller, running, swimming, skiing, biathlon are suitable, and in sports where jerky, strength training is important, it is preferable to have a muscular more massive hypertensive constitution.

   Each type of physique has its own need for useful and vital elements, its own diet and exercise.

   Of a number of classifications of figure and physique for both women and men, the most common (common) is the classification by letter, as well as by similar features with the shapes of some geometric figures and others.  items:  A-shaped "Triangle" or "Pear", V-shaped or T-shaped "Inverted Triangle", X-shaped "Hourglass", N-shaped "Rectangle", O-shaped "Oval" or "Apple".

   As each person has the type of a figure and, accordingly, the features, it is inexpedient to take any known diet and to apply it for all, without considering type of a physique, physiology and conditions of vital activity.

  Therefore, our task is to help you understand all the features of your body and choose from proven diets that will be useful for you, for your body.


the main program

and start the path of healthy eating!

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