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About the club

    Our club was created to promote a healthy lifestyle and teach people, above all, a healthy diet. In articles, videos, online seminars and practical lessons you will learn:

  • Which products are useful, which products are harmful to the human body;

  • Which products are combined with each other in one dish and one meal, and which are "enemies";

  • Which foods can be eaten without restrictions, which should be kept to a reasonable minimum, and which should be excluded altogether;

  • What cooking technologies are important to use for a healthy diet;

  • How to make a healthy diet for the day;

  • What a variety of dishes and what interesting recipes there are for their preparation;

  • How to get rid of extra pounds and how, conversely, to gain the necessary pounds;

  • What factors, in addition to nutrition, affect the state of the human body;

  • How to get rid of a number of bad habits and learn good habits without sharp restrictions and stress…

   Our mission is to teach as many people as possible to eat junk food, to observe a number of laws of nature, to know important physiological processes in the human body to restore health, maintain a healthy lifestyle, live interesting and happy lives.

   You can, like anyone over the age of 18, become a member of the Healthy Eating Club by registering on our website, participate in seminars, competitions and other events, buy natural products, get advice and recommendations.

   You can also become a partner of the ActiveGold International Group (Golden Active) to solve other vital issues for yourself and your family members:  


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